Monday, April 11, 2011

Battle of the online Montreal Bike maps

The search for an online bike map of Montreal bring many of you to Cycle Fun Montreal.

If that's why you're here, then go here to the Montreal island regional bike map. it was updated last year after a few years of non-current information. It is also available at local public libraries.

Google has bike maps on the Google Maps.

And what about Velo Quebec? Don't they have online maps? Yes but it is not updated since 2008. It also covers Laval and south shore destinations. Click here for the Velo Quebec map. It's actually pretty good, but is getting a bit out of date.

Velo Quebec also sell maps. This is a very good thing. We recommend their 5-map booklet of Montreal region (north, south and the island of Montreal) titled Carte des voies cyclables du Grand Montréal. In fact, it's highly recommended and only $5. They also have guidebooks of the route verte network, quebec bike paths, and books full of bike rides and tours that you can D.I.Y.

Google maps - huge amounts of bike paths and bike lanes are missing.

City of Montreal bike map - much better than Google.

Well, that's your answer.

Click here for ville de /city of Montreal's 2010 online bike map. It has the Bixi stations.

Here are maps for each of Montreal's boroughs (arrondissements).

Another good online bike map is It shows Montreal Island, Laval island, the north shore, and the south shore maps in the most complete format of the three map contenders. And, surprise, it is also integrated with Bixi Station locations.

If you are voyaging into the vast Monteregie area south of Montreal, you need the Monteregie bike path map.

For all of Quebec, Transports Quebec has great maps of Quebec by region. They are formatted for printing and have excellent detail. (Essential)


At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, I had been having trouble finding the latest map for Montreal. There's also which seems to be up to date and also includes the paths in Longueuil and Laval.

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Alice said...

thank you for this!

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having cycled around Montreal for several years now, I have noted that several bike lanes on streets (St-Urbain or Milton for example) seem to be designated one-way. This is not information that is found on any maps that I have seen and would be great information to include somewhere, as cycling down a narrow one-way path can be dangerous when another cyclist is coming towards you going the wrong way.

However, I can see why people do this - there is no good bike path alternative to get from Prince-Arthur & St-Laurent to the Rachel path. Suggestions for a route here?

Thanks so much!

At 11:01 AM, Blogger dhd said...

It seems like the link to the Montreal bike map is now broken (I don't know why but the city keeps moving things around on their website...) This URL seems to wlrk.


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