Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three traffic laws we want to see better enforced

Here are three traffic laws we want to see better enforced.

1) Passing/speeding in the right lane of multi-lane streets.

Often the fastest cars are driving aggressively in the lane for the slowest cars & bicycles.

2) Not using turn signals for turning.

Double or triple the fines for this offense plus points.

3) Changing lanes across solid lines in intersections.

Car driver discovers he/she is in a turning lane and just can't wait a few more seconds. Car driver veers into the go-straight-only right lane with lots of speed and zero warning. This is how we, on bicycle, will die.

3.1 Special place in hell for cars turning left from the right (go-straight only) lane. We see this hyper-aggressive madness all the time. It has to stop. And that should start with 1000$ fines with 5 demerit points.

And the epidemic of cell phone driving and driving-while-texting continues with almost zero enforcement.


At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Drivers Ed Georgia said...

Aggressive driving at intersections is biggest problem for other drivers on the road, this activity should be stopped at any cost.


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