Saturday, August 13, 2011

Say goodbye to Bixi - and buy your own bike!

You need to own your own bike, and frankly, bike stores need the business. Death by Bixi is an ugly thing to see.

Don't forget to buy and learn to correctly use a good U-lock (yes they are expensive, and worth every penny). You want to keep your new bike for a long time.

Please bring the bike inside when it rains, and fersure bring it inside for the winter!

You will love your new bike. We promise.


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Michel said...

I completely disagree with this opinion.
Personally, I have never ridden a Bixi: they look heavy, the seats look uncomfortable for anyone but a grandmother, etc. I'll stick to my single speed for the city, which I use every day, and my road bike for other times.
But here's the thing: folks who ride Bixi's aren't people who always wanted a bike but were undecided. These are folks who either already have a bike but enjoy the convenience of not having to worry about their own personal bike being stolen, about not having to haul around a u-lock or chain. Weather calling for rain later in the day? Cool, they can ride the bixi in the morning, and take public transit later. Me? Well, I don't like riding wet, so I might end up taking public transit both morning and night.
Otherwise, Bixi riders are people who just don't have the room to house a bike, nor the cash to buy one. How much does Bixi cost? About $20/month? (I really don't know.) Let's say a low-cost bike costs ~$300? Bit of a difference, right? Add in the $65-80 warehousing fee in the winter. Also, someone who really wants to buy a low-cost bike ain't going to go to the corner bike shop. They'll instead head to Canadian Tire/WalMart.

Seriously, if a bike shop owner wants to stay in business, then they need to find out how to do so. Be nicer to the customers and stop being such know-it-all twats. Bring in some more middle-of-the-road bikes, because not everyone wants/needs that beautiful Guru/Specialized carbon fork/titanium body, 12lb, 21-speed roadster. Look at ABC on Parc. Beautiful bikes there, but there's also a variety, from what I remember.
Bike shops exist a lot by word-of-mouth. Provide good service and word will get out (waves to Bicurious). Act like a bunch of fuck-ups who don't respect the schedule they give to customers and then do a half-assed job on a tune-up, well, word will get out about that too (gives the finger to Le Grand Cycle).


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