Sunday, August 14, 2011

Youth wing of Quebec Liberal Party attacks cyclists, claims it's social justice.

The youth wing of Quebec Liberal Party attacks cyclists, and claims it's social justice. (did they leave out the anti-?)

Anyway, this is the view of a few of Quebec's fine young elitists. Here's a bad translation:

Following a heated debate, the young liberals in Congress voted overwhelmingly on Sunday morning for an application "severe" Code road safety for cyclists.

"They (the riders) have a nice bike path, but they will garrocha in the way of motorists," railed one militant young Saguenay.

The representative of the Young Liberals of Montreal, making the proposal, spoke of "social justice" to explain that we want to apply the law as severe as for cyclists and motorists.

Several speakers at the microphone admitted that they spent more time behind the wheel of a car than a bicycle handlebar.

The layer of our society's social stratification where our political elitists live is a scary place for the rest of us peons.

You can thank (or express your unhappiness to) the group's president, Maripier Isabelle, for this progressive measure to improve cycling safety. Click here to reach her on twitter.


At 8:10 PM, Anonymous SN86 said...

I love the attitude of always blaming the victim when clearly the cause lies in the system surrounding the victim. What we need in this province is tougher laws on drivers. Why is it that I see so many people on cell phones which driving/steering their cars everyday? What is being done to police that, nothing. Before they decide to jump on defenseless cyclists they should get their act together and get tougher on drivers. This is the only place where you can kill someone with your car and get away with it. Cases in point: young girl in Laval killed last Sept. and the Ile Perrot case on Halloween.


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