Monday, September 05, 2011

Howick > Covey Hill > Franklin 70 km ride

Not too far away is the top of Covey Hill, which is easily visible from Mont Royal.

Closed-for-years bridge beside Georgetown Church near Howick is getting renovated for cyclists.

Georgetown church near Howick is beside Rt 138 is a good starting point for bike rides.

Ride south, ride west up Covey Hill, then ride home.

A nice 70 km ride through the beautiful Chateauguay Valley

A nice middle distance ride through the central Chateauguay valley including a climb up Covey hill.

We took a coworker who raced up the big Covey Hill climb and had fried legs later. Pacing IS important.

This ride is nice because the return half of the ride is downhill or with the wind (usually).

Bikely map website seems to be better so here is the ride map on bikely.


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