Monday, September 05, 2011

Urban ride to... Montreal Botanical Gardens / Jardins Botanique

The "three sisters" aboriginal agricultural technique

We were looking for a Beech tree, here is the one we found although to be honest we were hoping for a much bigger example.

The chalet in the First Nations Garden

Poison Ivy: leaves of three: leave it be.

Leaves of four: Eat some more!

Lots of magnificent gardens and awesome plants.

A nice urban destination that is anything but urban is to visit the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

The bike ride to and there is your responsibility to figure out, but we have some advice: get your Access Montreal card and you can get free access to the outdoor gardens. The Access Montreal card also permits you to buy a year's pass for a very reasonable $21, which gives you access to everything except the autumn chinese lantern exhibition. This includes the greenhouses and their special activities and the insectarium.


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