Tuesday, October 11, 2011

autumn colours & perfect roads ride

Southwest Quebec's nicest "easy 80K" ride?

Ormstown to Huntingdon along the Chateauguay river, then a bit of country and forest riding and then ride along US border to Powerscourt (covered bridge) and then more along the border on fresh new asphalt to Dewittville side road which we ride downhill to Dewittville and then follow the chateauguay river back to Ormstown.

Here is a bit of the ride's scenery:

Broken tree.

It was a mammoth oak tree, and the huge fallen part is only one branch.

It is a big tree!

Heading downhill north to Dewittville, this side road is one of our favorites.

It is a road to ZOOM down, give'er on every little slope and you will receive a real boost to your average speed and maximum fun levels.

La Presse likes it too.

Premier Concession (first concession) road had a dozen miles of fresh smooth asphalt.

Perfectly smooth roads are perfect for cycling.

Riding on pavement this smooth can cause feelings like "this is the best thing in the world and I am doing it." or "Nothing else in life matters, it is enough to be alive and riding my bike in the beautiful countryside." or "Wow. Wow. Wowowowowowow wow."

Pont Percy covered bridge across the Cheateauguay river.

This is the oldest covered bridge in Quebec, built in 1861. There is a 150 year celebration on October 15.

Everything was perfect for today's ride.

Perfect road, scenery, legs, weather, and no bugs: autumn is the best time to ride.


Summary: this is a very good bike ride.

Ride map is here on bikely.


At 9:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree 100%, this ride is one of the best a roadie can ever hope for!


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