Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bored? "Best Of" Cycle Fun Montréal to the rescue

CFM's Roadside award
Click here collis.

If you are going to enter a race, this is the one!
Click here eh.

Pictures mountain biking at East hereford Quebec. Paradise found.
Click here mon ami.

Our favorite all time quebec destination for a bike ride
click here to ride a fantastic bike ride.

Funny road signs and other roadside attractions
click here and then go ride your bike.

It's winter and snowshoeing is fantastic fun. The sentier Les Caps de Charlevoix starting at St-Tite-des-Caps is a very primo destination just a few miles east of Mont Ste-Anne.
Click here and dress properly, this is winter outside in Quebec.

If you are planning a Quebec vacation next summer, we recommend the south side of the St-Laurence river, where the river goes maritime with tides and beautiful scenery and a wonderful time is guaranteed.
Click here and relax, summer will be back soon.


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