Sunday, October 19, 2008

giant pumpkin races

We are going to break our Rule Number One (the bicycle thing). We hope you forgive us. We think it's worth it. And we are obeying our other Rule Number One: to have fun.

By now you know it is autumn, and that means... giant pumpkins!

And what are you going to do with giant pumkins to have fun?

Race them!

What the...?

Yes, last weekend was the "Les Regates du Potirothon de Gentilly."

People grow giant pumpkins. Then they hollow them out and put them in the water, climb inside, and away they go!

This photo from illustrates the concept.

Expert pumpkin kayaker practicing his craft

The event attracted those who know what a good laugh is about, with the host of the television show Infoman, Jean-René Dufort, reporting and participating in the race, and finishing a respectable fifth place.

More pictures at this link.

We encourage everyone to get out of the city and go and visit some quebec festivals this fall, winter, spring, summer...

One of our fundamental principles of CFM is to support the local and regional economy, or there won't be one, especially the slowly disappearing rural economy.

The winners were Helene Tourigny and Celine Thibodeau, who paddled their 1188 pound pumpkin to victory. Congrats to these talented athletes and (obviously) fun-loving persons!


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