Saturday, March 24, 2012

Active transportation survey at work - four years later what has changed?

Four years ago we had a survey about bike commuting/active transport.

So what has changed at our place of work to improve the desireability to use active transport among the workers at our place of employment?

Nothing, nada, rien, SFA.

What a surprise.

But wait...

What has changed in Ville St-Laurent?

Speed limit reduced to 30 km/h on side streets.

Additional bike lanes on some nearby streets.

But Marcil Laurin boulevard N at Pfizer company (between Cote Vertu and Thimens) is still one of the worst streets in the city and the car speeds on Marcil Laurin are still out of control fast with the right lane (slow lane) is still used as the passing lane by the hordes of hyper-aggressive speed-addicted Montreal drivers.

Here's the survey questions and our answers:

Our company tries to be a good corporate citizen, and one of these is cooperation with the AMT transportation agency to offer incentives for employees to take public transport and use bicycles, walking, and carpooling as alternatives to solo car travel when commuting to work or traveling on business.

The reason is pure-self interest (as always!) because if car travel usage increases as forecast over the next ten years, the relentless urban sprawl will see large numbers of additional cars on our already-packed road network. Meaning, traffic jams and stressed-out nonproductive employees!

We already commute to work by bike in the non-slushy months. And we encourage others (by setting an example) to do the same. But the fact is of 5000 people, about 50 of us ride a bike to work, with only a couple of hundred of us take public transport.

The survey was designed to see what our attitudes are about alternatives to commuting by car. And once these are known, to help ease us into using into alternatives to the car.

Here were the questions regarding bike transportation:

Do you agree or disagree with the following opinions on bicycles as a
means of travel between your home and giantmegacorp ?
  1. The bicycles are well protected against theft and vandalism? (no)
  2. The bicycle stands are of good quality? (yes and no)
  3. There are enough bicycle stands? (yes, because no one rides)
  4. They are well located and easily accessible? (yes)
  5. The route between home and work is safe? (Ha!!!!)
  6. The facilities for cyclists at my workplace are adequate (stands, showers, lockers, etc.)? (There are showers and lockers? Where exactly?)
In the section for comments we added:
  1. secure bike parking needed - behind a fence or gate
  2. many people need showers (but not us!)
  3. bus service schedule says every 6 minutes at 4 pm, but is NEVER every 6 minutes!!!
  4. the streets & roads near the company locations are NOT safe for cycling
  5. 8 seconds only for green light to exit parking is not safe
  6. Ville St-laurent street storm-drain covers are old-style "bicycle wheel traps"
  7. In winter we drive because it takes too long to take bus-metro-bus to work, and if you miss bus on way to work, you better walk because next one is a long time to wait. I have to walk one mile, take 2 metros, then walk another mile, which is a bit long.
  8. when discussing bike commuting with coworkers, many people say that lack of 1) showers and 2) a safe bike route to work prevents them from cycling to work. One other says his wife won't let him ride to work because he's a crazy and unsafe rider!
So, this survey will (hopefully) bring about some improvements in services for bicycle commuters, as for the dangerous streets, well, we can hope... for a safer tomorrow.


Ha, that survey changed exactly nothing.


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