Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Snowshoe Spectacular

Moss and ferns are ready as soon as the water melts. Go Lichens!

Parc Mont Tremblant - looking north to Lac Monroe

Looking south to Lac Superieur and north side of Mont Tremblant.

Finally, after many years, we do this trail.

Shout out to Arthur K!

Lots of winter is still here, as this ice wall attests.

We took advantage of a monday off from work to go to Parc Mont tremblant secteur Diable to do a very popular snowshoe and hiking trail in almost perfect seclusion. The trick is to go when crowds are not there at the same time you are. Mission accomplished!

We had wanted to visit the Sentier Centenaire for years, but our coworker had said that we'd probably not enjoy it because the crowds would make the Montreal metro at rush hour appear to be calm and quiet.

So we waited for the perfect day. And waited some more!

Finally, yesterday was that perfect day. There was only one other person on the trail. The temperature was warm enough to snowshoe in the nude (not advised, but possible). The sky was blue, and the wind was light.

We love it when our visit to a popular outdoor destination is as perfect as today has been.


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