Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ormstown-Rockburn-Franklin Centre-Powerscourt-Athelstan Chateauguay Valley ride

Let me get something straight right from the start.  This ride and area is not the "Haut Saint Laurent." This is the Chateauguay Valley. Always has been, and no amount of government-forced cultural revisionism will change this fact. Let's recognize and celebrate the cultural diversity of Quebec's rural roots. Don't mess with our identity please so it sounds "proper" in the ministry offices in Quebec city.

Today's ride is clear blue sky and spring sunshine. The ride was wind powered too, at least for the half that was 25 km/h tailwind.  The Rockburn sideroad and first concession roads figured heavily into today's route. Everything is turning green. 

View upriver from Dewittville bridge

Entering Franklin Centre (one of the few food pitstops on this ride)

Some lowlife(s) stole the new historical plaque for Pont Percy covered bridge


Pont Percy (1861) is the oldest covered bridge in Quebec

 Chateauguay river running strong today

 View from the eastern "terrace" of Pont Percy, a favorite rest and snack spot

The ride passes this pre-colonization forest, where trees 300 years old,. 

What do drunken redneck yahoos driving around with loaded guns like to do?

Scenic scenery was frequently beautiful.

 The Chateauguay and Outarde rivers meet just above Ormstown


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