Friday, April 27, 2012

First Lanaudiere hills ride of 2012

We did our first visit to our northern Lanaudiere hill paradise last Sunday. 

A ride similar to ours is part of the new Quebec road cycling guidebook Le Quebec en 30 Boucles (Quebec in 30 rides) and we noticed that it used a part of the area we had never ridden: the short Chemin de lac Croche which causes quite a little bypass. Also, the guidebook's version of our ride goes in reverse direction. Long gentle climbs and short steep on-the-brakes descents. We prefer the reverse: steep but not too long climbs with long glorious fast descents with no need for brakes until we reach the bottom.  

We love exploring, so we did part of our usual ride in reverse, and we created a new version of the ride that is smoking hot in the greatness modality.   In fact, very high levels of fun occurred, and we will do repeats of this circuit in the future. Plus there was a mile of total climbing, oops, we mean descending!

The ride map is here on bikely.

Here are some scenic delights of the ride. 

What is this thing?

A mail box, obviously.

Spring color palate is not dreary at all.

The chemin Belle Montagne climb is however, a bit stiff.

yes, this ride has a few climbs. This is a good thing.  And no matter how steep the climb, it is a lot easier to ride a steep hill than walk/run the Mont Royal stairs. More fun too.

Another mailbox expresses its uniqueness.

We love unique mailboxes.

Very old, very small silo.

A very good book on the Quebec countryside is "The Heart of the Farm: A History of Barns and Fences in the Eastern Townships of Quebec" by Louise Abbott. Highly recommended. (buy it here)

Scratchitti that says we love you too

Another ride, another Pont Barré.

This one is crossable by bike... for now.

L'Assomption river at Ste-Beatrix entrance to Parc des Chutes

We are standing on the road bridge, and it is a regular rest stop on this ride,

Our lunch rocks on Chemin Belle Montagne have been redesigned

And just like the new interface, additional uselessness has been added and we don't like it one bit.

And this is how you keep the barn standing up!

A hand, yes. A corten hand, no.

There is no other description for it: this is a devil dog.
Stupid dog owners.

Arriving back at St-Jean-de-Matha.

What a great ride today!


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