Monday, May 28, 2012

Farmer's union still fighting proposed Haut-St-Laurent bike path

The UPA (Quebec industrial farmers union) is still fighting against the proposed new Haut-St-Laurent rail-to-trail bike path that is supposed have Phase 1 (Howick/Tres-St-Sacrement to Ormstown) built in 2012.

The UPA wants the countryside reserved exclusively for industrial farming uses and is working furiously to block recreational uses of rural lands and specifically this bicycle path.

The Haut-St-Laurent UPA motives are clear: the UPA believes that the rural regions are exclusively for the purpose of industrial farming.  And now they have hired lawyers to fight for this belief that the only legitimate land use in rural areas is industrial farming.

Shame on the UPA.

The Haut-St-Laurent rural landscape has high scenic value that can improve this region's economy.

The economy of the rest of Quebec is benefiting from recreo-tourism development, and Quebec is in fact becoming internationally famous for the quality of its rural landscape.The MRC of the Haut-St-Laurent is trying to get in on this economic development opportunity, only to discover that the UPA is against the diversification of the rural economy if this diversification involves something other than ever-more-industrialized factory farming. 


At 5:03 PM, Blogger Hobbes vs Boyle said...

Are the UPA actually influential enough to stop the project? If phase is to be built in 2012 the project planning process must have progressed pretty far, one would think.

At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't want anyone to interfere with the farmers use of toxic sewage sludge as fertilizer to spread on the fields of the food you eat.

Apparently they think if anyone notices this disdain for safe environmental practices then we will consume less Quebec agricultural products.

And if a bike path goes through the farmers fields, we might notice that farmers are not actually the environmental stewards protecting their rural lands that the UPA's Public Relations and Advertizing agencies tells us they are.


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