Thursday, May 24, 2012

We observe Montreal's worst cyclist - from a safe distance

On the commute home from work we were passes by a dude on a hybrid bike. Good for him we thought, since we were not in speed mode due to ten laps on the Mt Royal stairs last night.

Then we noticed the dude was doing pretty much the opposite of what a non-suicidal person would do when riding a bike.

  • blast at speed into intersections that had cars crossing directly in front of him (he skidded to a stop at the last second a few times)
  • blasting through red lights and through moving traffic directly in front of him
  • taking the shortest route is the only route which includes busy sidewalks and front yards
  • red lights with pedestrians crossing in front of him caused him to jump on the sidewalk and blast through the light on the sidewalk playing chicken with anyone on the sidewalk (T-intersection so the sidewalk had no street to cross)
  • And generally causing havoc and enemies every 30 seconds.
We all see him or his partners in crime (and the way he rode a bike is a nonstop crime)  all the time every day. Darwinism doesn't seem to be working fast enough to make the streets safe, imho.


At 3:54 PM, Blogger moni said...

Saw a guy doing this very thing on duluth/parc last week. Wonder if it's the same guy. After observing him dart right into parc while the traffic was flowing steadily through it, I thought I was about to witness a bad accident. Miraculously the cars missed him by inches and he continued on unphased, swerving back and forth.

Something clearly wrong with this one.


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