Sunday, May 06, 2012

Spring mtn bike ride at East Hereford's Circuits Frontières

On Saturday the amazing off-road trails at East Hereford opened for business for the 2012 season. 

So on Saturday morning we pulled in to the parking lot with great expectations. As usual, these were fully fulfilled and exceeded.

It was wet and grey in the morning but the sun arrived on schedule at noon and the afternoon was gloriously perfect weather for mountain biking. 

The only one like this we saw all day

soon... everything will be green!

Spring buds exploding into life.

Mmm moss....

When Moss are happy, they look it!

Trail repair survives the winter

Trail repair we participated in last year still holding up and renaturalizing well.

Here's what it looked like it when the repair was finished:

Trail repair under construction last june, compare to pic above.

We use Organic brand front derailleur

Fresh moose (or deer?) evidence


More fresh moose (or deer?) evidence

Still more fresh moose (or deer?) evidence

More moose evidence?  No, this is clearly beaver (castor) (yes we're certain this time).

Notice those teeth marks, beavers have amazing dental abilities.


Fresh beaver dam

Beaver lodge


View from Sapinière

That sign is the shortcut down to the road back to the village. Otherwise Sapinière goes left, and uphill, and then uphill some more.

View of East Hereford from la Sapinière

Spring flower on Trial trail

Legs looking good at km 43 of the 45 km we rode today. 

View from Panorama

Everybody seems to skip the doubletrack north of the village.

This is a big mistake, as the open views from Trial and Panorama are terrific.

And at sunset time... spectaculaire! 

East Hereford from Panorama

Forestry practices are changing and making efforts to better protect the environment

Ok, last view of East Hereford from above

Did you know that the big building at far left is a trout farm?  "Bobine" filets make a fast and delicious supper,

This little village keeps making efforts to make itself nicer and nicer.

Could this be a corten steel sculpture?  Probably not, but maybe!

Some things never change.

As usual, we're the last car in the parking lot.  And as usual the bike wash is shut off when we finally get back to the parking area!  In local services news, the washrooms across the road from the church at the softball diamond/tennis courts are under renovation. 

Booties kept most of the mud off the shoes, but they didn't keep all the mud off the shoes.

(New 2012 map supposed to be available week of May 15ish)

Today's ride was shorter than the typical midseason madness, but we start small in spring and build the endurance as the season progresses.  In any case, riding both sides of the trail network (single and double track areas) is standard procedure for us.

The newest and up-to-date map to the Circuits Frontières mountain bike trail network at East Hereford is here.

Safety warning: East Hereford is an isolated and wild area for mountain biking, be prepared in case of mechanical and other problems and we suggest that a map and compass and headlamp be included in your gear. Have fun. Have a LOT of fun! 

2012 new trail:

 This is a new trail for 2012. We went looking for it but our directions were vague and we went the wrong way on Chemin Houle and didn't find it.  

The long trail on the right side is the incredible, amazing Bobine trail.


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous David Lauzon said...

Glad you enjoyed your ride. It's true that we often overlook the trial and panorama crazy fast doubletracks.

We are putting the finishing touch on the new map, it should be available online next week.

Thanks for the great report. BTW some of your tracks are deer ;)

David Lauzon


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