Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Will a cold windy hilly and long spring bike ride cause brain damage?

We ask because we forgot some clothes at a restaurant on Sunday, which we attribute to brain damage (technically: frozen brain) from the bike ride. 

After the big Maskinong√© loop ride we arrived back in Yamachiche, put the bike in the car and went directly to the local food emporium Casse Croute Archie. We ordered food and then changed out of our cycling garb in the washroom.  The food occupied virtually all available brain cells. So when we left the restaurant we forgot the clothes on the chair which, in our defence, was kinda hidden by the table top.

Arriving at home we realized... uh-oh.  The wonderful warm and wind-cutting wool tights AND our best bike shorts.  This. Isn't. Happening.  Except it was, reality being quite the contrary force sometimes.

But to the credit of the restaurant, they found the clothes and kept them safely for us to pick up a few days later.

So we want to give a well-deserved GRAND MERCI to Casse Croute Archie in Yamachiche Quebec.


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