Sunday, June 03, 2012

Tour de l'Ile hordes

Rainy weather went away and vast numbers of Montreal's Tour de l'Ile riders are experiencing jubilant glee

Thousands of riders, all thinking that guy/girl/genderless non-earthling in front of them is too slow!

This morning "hours" of cyclists rode down our street.  Yes, it's the annual Montreal Tour de l'Ile.

It really looks like a great day for a bike ride, even for the crack of noon types like us. Actually today the weather forecast is kind of against the crack of noon riders, but we'll take our chances. Dang those early risers.
In case you were beginning to think that the world was purely a great place to be today, we note that some bitter and angry little people go out of their way to prevent the tour de l'ile from happening!


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