Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Far from home, in the Gaspé

Here's some scenic Gaspé photos.

Gaspé is a Québec destination you absolutely MUST visit.

speaks for itself...

l'Anse au Griffon beach

guidille homard anyone?

poussez... POUSSEZ!

the cod fishery, back in the day when Canada had cod

fish boat sculpture

view from very nice municipal parc at Mont St-Louis

Every town had a park or/and beach with picnic tables, benches and gazebos. 

yet another spectacular view

wooden chain, not good for bikes.

Mountain doesn't leave much room for road!

Coastline drive like nothing else in the east

The coastal scenery is simply amazing
Not visible in this pic are hundreds of roadside picnic tables, benches, and gazebos in parks, beaches, and scenic lookouts in and between the 100 towns of the Gaspé peninsula.  It's really a road trip extraordinaire. We cannot emphasize this enough!

Side trip to inland Parc de la Gaspésie teaches us about moose poop

view east from L'Anse au Griffon

Cap Chat at sunset after supper at Valmont resto

Mountains of Parc de la Gaspésie are real mountains

House-on-boat matches exactly the nearby house not on boat.

historic Maison Le Boutillier in L'Anse au Griffon
Interesting historic house with good gift shop and tea room

The view from the patio of the apartment we rented in L'Anse au Griffon


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