Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Laurentian's scenic Riviere Rouge ride

We did a favorite laurentians ride on the weekend.  We love this ride. It is perfect in every way, except the quality of the road surface, which is sometimes good, but sometimes very bad. Luckily, the scenery compensates a lot. But we like to dream: if this ride was 100% top quality road surface it would be on everyone's list of Quebec's top 10 dream rides. 

We park in the Ste-Jovite part of Mont Tremblant town and ride over to Brebeuf via the covered bridge, then ride one lap of the Riviere Rouge through the three villages of Huberdeau, Brebeuf, and La Conception.

kayakers coming ashore at the covered bridge

How scenic? Very scenic!

Sadly, there was a lot of crappy pavement

Brebeuf has a sandy beach park and a path to the bottom of the rapids at the bridge

One of the best Elm trees we have ever seen

Pont Prudhomme is a very nice covered bridge, which is a pont couvert in Quebec

on hot days, under the bridge is the place to be. Splash!

Scroll down a bit for more pictures in another post

This is the ride map on Bikely.


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