Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bike short buying binge

Our bike short collection suddenly got smaller (in quantity, not size) recently so we set out in the rain last night to visit the local bike shops and buy some shorts.

We visited all the local shops, meaning ABC, Regis Cycles, Cycles Gervais Rioux, and Yeti.

And we test-fitted all the XL bike shorts and bib shorts in stock.

Surprisingly some XL were too tight, but happily some were just right. Being a husky dude (oops, we mean  "possessing sprinter thighs") we know that year end is not the best time for finding large sizes in stock, but after visiting the four shops we now have enough shorts to keep the bike seat-bike rider interface zone a happy place for years to come.

It is worth noting that both Yeti (lots of bike clothes at 40% off) and Gervais Rioux (some items 20% off) have end-of-season sales. Unfortunately that Moots Vamoots bike at Gervais Rioux is still way too expensive for peons like us to afford.


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