Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mountain bike trail development organization ADSVMQ officially transfers mtn bike trail development activities to Vélo Québec

The news is that the Québec mountain bike trail development organization ADSVMQ today officially transfers their mountain bike trail development responsibility to Vélo Québec.

Québec is a goldmine of mountain bike tourism waiting for the trails to be built. The recent work of the ADSVMQ moved mountains and brought Québec trails into the 21st century. The hope and expectation is that Vélo Québec will leverage the mountain bike tourism lever and get more regions to each develop their mountain bike trail network. With Québec's vast size there are many regions that possess excellent mountain bike trail development potential.

Québec has the potential for lots more destinations for mountain biking. We have heard that the national parks (provincial and federal) are beginning to think about contemplating the idea that the mountain bike rider is a valid user of our parks. Please national parks: build some real mountain bike trails.

Don't get the impression that Québec has no trails. Click here to go to the québec mtn bike trail directory at AllezY.

You can read ADSVMQ president David Lauzon's statement here.

You can sign up to Vélo Québec's new mountain bike infolettre here. You can also join Vélo Québec because the more members they have, the greater is their ability to push for bike development on and off the roads of Quebec.


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