Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Québec mountain bike trail directory is now at Vélo Québec

The Québec mountain bike trail directory is now at Vélo Québec. This is the same directory that was previously at AllezY.

We checked out East Hereford and immediately noticed that the map is now three years old and misses a couple of new trails. The Google Earth link shows the latest trails but it's not user-friendly.

Vélo-Québec: Update this map please.

This is another sign of the take-over of mountain biking information and advocacy in Quebec by the Vélo-Quebec organization from the ADSVMQ. We expect great things to happen!

Quebec is full of great mountain biking and the potential to grow is, like Quebec itself, huge.    

Not spring yet

Winter's long grip on denying cyclists any happiness will soon be over.

We've been getting ready for spring with bike trainer rides, which can be boring, so we made a youtube video playlist of fast Colorado road rides, These videos make our legs spin the pedals at a good cadence.

Cycle Fun Montreal bike trainer video playlist

The videos are of the Ride the Rockies 2012 tour and are from a user called Steve Connolly, who we salute! Because the videos are clean, steady, fast-paced, and motivating!

Also, we have been tweeting at CycleFunMtl which is where our freshest mindfarts can to be found.