Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nice Ottawa River / riviere des Outouais

We did a nice ride along the Ottawa and riviere du nord rivers on sunny perfect saturday.

Parked at St-Andre-Argentueuil, rode west past Carilon and Cushing, then back to St-A-de-A and continue east to St-Placide. St-Placid has a very nice riverside church with great lawn and a decent dock down at the water level.

Here's the ride map on Bikely.

This was a ride that we didn't know much about. We hoped it would turn out good. The reality was that it turned out great!

Here's a photo of the St-Placide dock from the church steps that we posted on Twitter.


Sunday, April 07, 2013

A perfect 60 km ride in SW Quebec

This Chateauguay Valley ride in southwest Quebec (41 km from the Pont Mercier bridge) is one of our favorites. Lots of perfect asphalt and interesting terrain and scenery. And not too long either!

Ormstown to Dewittville to Athelstan to Powerscourt covered bridge to Rockburn along perfectly paved First Concession to Rockburn sideroad which is also perfectly paved (and also called one of quebec's best cycling roads by LaPresse) and back to Dewittville and then Ormstown along Rt 138A along the Chateauguay river and the 260 90 year old trees including the dozens of now-giant Eastern Cottonwoods. 

The yellow dots are an alternative route entirely along the Chateauguay river and through Huntingdon. If you do the non-yellow dot version then you have no urbanization at all and just scenic farmland, forest and tiny villages.

Here's the ride map on bikely:

spring is here and riding/blogging hibernation is finished

Found the lost password and can announce the start the 2013 season of blogging right f***ing now. 

 While we were gone we made a few tweets. This was our 500th: