Sunday, July 28, 2013

Riviere Chateauguay river/valley rides - the two basic routes

Here are the two basic Chateauguay Valley bike rides we do the most often. Numerous variations of starting point and road-selection are possible to make about ten different rides.

Did you know that Chateauguay Valley rides start a mere 50 km from Montreal?

A couple of side-by-side favorite rides


Ormstown > Powerscourt > Rockburn  > Dewittville

The first is the Ormstown-Powerscourt-Rockburn ride with the indescribably excellent First Concession and Rockburn Side Road sections. We especially like doing this late in the day, so a noon start is no problem!

Howick > Covey Hill > Havelock

Our second ride is a bit longer and goes up Covey hill. You can turn around at Franklin and repeat the route for an out and back ride, or take the quick way home.

There is a lot of new asphalt on this ride. A cyclists dream ride!

Both of these rides totally rock from the border back north to the start. Downhill is good hill.

We confess that we call these two rides Highly Excellent. This is no B.S.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

We spent 8 days in the Eastern Townships recently for our summer vacation trip.

We day tripped all over the place! There is plenty of variety in day trip destinations and scenic drives in this  large region of the province. Geographically the Eastern Townships is the part of Quebec along the Vermont USA border. Lots of nice hills and lakes and mountains and plenty of villages and small towns. There is a very good official eastern townships road map that has all roads (big, small, very small!). The Townships have three official driving circuits: The Wine Trail, the Townships Trail, and the far-eastern the Summit Trail. We bought a $3 book on the townships trail and it was totally a good idea.

You arrive in the Townships at the Granby exit of the Autoroute les Cantons de l'Est (aut 15) and the tourist office at this exit has good info as well as the official road map and the Townships Trail guidebook.   

Here's some pics: