Sunday, July 13, 2014

the older we get the better we were...

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Friday, July 04, 2014

blogging is hard, microblogging easy like downhill riding

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new "25 circuits autour de Montreal" guidebook

We have just bought the new guidebook "25 circuits autour Montreal" and we probably just did the 3 best rides in the guidebook.

On sunday we did the ride around les Iles de Berthierville and Lanaudiere/Maskinongé NE of Montreal which we enjoyed a lot. It includes a bike-ferry between the north shore of the St-Laurence river and one of the Berthierville islands. Much of the ride is on quiet roads, generally of good quality. (Except for St-Barthelemy, which has terrible roads).

We also did Lacolle-Ste-Clotilde directly south of Montreal and we liked this one even better. Quiet country roads and bike path to finish (no worrys when the last leg of the ride is on a bike path directly back to the car!

But what is this flower?

 This is an iris tricolore, the national flower of Quebec, as spotted on the Lacolle-St-Clotilde ride in the guide book. It was also photographed 100 feet from where buddy lost his car key at a roadside pitstop. Because I took a picture of this flower, he was lucky enough to be able to find his car key when we drove back in my car to locate his key.

This picture is on the 20 minute ferry ride on ride #1 in the guidebook, Berthierville Iles and Lanaudiere. This was a really nice ride.

Both of these (and the ride they call the Loyalist aka Chateauguay valley) are exceptionally nice road bike rides.