Sunday, April 05, 2015

Gazette writes article on bike path-design problems.

A nice article in the Saturday gazette about five of the dozens of bike-path-design problems in Montreal.

Article takes a look at new bike-underpass at St-Laurent & Bellechasse which is a disaster in several ways but the article misses a chance to explain clearly the disasters.

Still, it is nice that the newspaper takes the time to explain how bad bike-path design makes cycling much more dangerous and how problems are caused by a city who's roads-department is staffed by people who don;t ride bikes, who don't get out of the office to look at their own bad designs, and doesn't want to fix the problems their designs have caused.

Maybe next week we can look at the many dangerous gaps inbike paths that nedlessley through bikes into trafic and increase danger and risk for cyclists. WHich is just how the bike-haters in the cville-de-Montreal roads department like it, apparently.


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