Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winter trip to Charlevoix/Saguenay region - planning

It is the planning phase for the annual winter snowfest funhog week of outdoor fun.

Last year the destination was Petit Saguenay. Before that it was Baie St-Paul. This year I would like to combine the two of them.

The highlight last year was the hiking part of the Sentier des Murailles into Lac Cardinal. It is a cliff-lined alpine lake and one of the nicest lakes in Quebec. In deep winter the lake is frozen and even more spectaculaire.

It seems that the group running the Sentier Les Murailles is closed for the winter and so is their website. But another website has map info on the different sections of the Les Murailles trail.  Here's the interactive map page  and here's the page with other info and gps coordinates.