Monday, June 27, 2016

First off-road of 2016

I did an excellent mtn bike ride at east hereford last Friday. With Sid we did the single track flow trails and it was very nice. I had a minor brake problem that mainly fixed itself. The downhill trail ride back to village parking is orgasmique and in the best there is dept.
So after Sid left because his wife wouldn't let him miss supper, I went for an end-of-day ride on forest roads north of the village up on top of the hills. Got lost 5 times but never too seriously. But I did exit the “Trial” trail at the same location I entered, and it isn’t a loop.
So coming back from that point on top of Rang 9 hill it’s largely excellent zooming along in a downhill direction (which I earned the hard way), and then I was rolling along on the most road-like of the forest roads I caught up to a moose! That was special. She took off into the woods.
From there you arrive back at the edge of the East Hereford village’s valley area, at christmas tree farms where late afternoon light always makes the trees glow, and there are great views of the village and the Hall river valley. I was having a nice time and turned downhill at the turn-downhill arrow except it took me to a farmers yard and I knew “wrong way” so it was back up the hill and it’s a grueling straight-up climb and that got resolved but would have preferred to not have had that final climb.
At the church (parking) there were still cars so apparently I didn’t end too late and the refreshment stand at the ball park across the street was open (first time ever for me!) for St-Jean party and had hot food and cold beverages so I chowed down and then went home directly.
Sunday was the road ride lacolle to franklin done not at speed because I had no energy at all. None. And despite environment Canada’s weather recording instrumentation, I am sure I had east winds and not SW winds because I had headwind all the way back to the car. It was bigtime tough!  It is not often I take pauses on the flats. But legs needed the recharge. Repeatedly! So combination +30 temps and Friday full day of offroad riding made Sunday’s “easy ride” very tough.
So I will probably do an exact repeat of these two rides this upcoming weekend.