Friday, September 08, 2006

Lachine Canal 3-lane bike path

The two lane bike path along the Lachine canal urgently needs to be made into three lanes.

Use the example of the Levis Quebec bike path "Les Parcours des Anse" in the Quebec city region. This excellent path has three lanes, two for bikes and one for blades and pedestrians. This gives enough space for everyone to fit. Enough space for everyone to get along without conflicts. Enough space for everyone to be safe.

The Lachine canal bike path is dangerous. It was designed before we realised that mixing slow pedestrians, unhearing ipoded runners, roller bladers skating side by side, slow family cyclists weaving back and forth, and fast racer dudes all on the same eight-foot-wide bike path is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

It's time to make this otherwise excellent bike path three lanes wide.


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