Friday, August 15, 2008

sunset gets earlier, get out the bike lights

Summer sunsets are coming earlier each night.

It is time to dig out the bike lights again, put some fresh batteries (recycle the old ones properly!) and ride safe, and visible, at night.

Riding at night, without lights, will get you an ambulance ride to the emergency room at the hospital.

I know. I learned the hard way. The very hard way: a head-on collision with a car when I was invisible at night. I was very, very lucky to survive that alive, let me tell you.

And I destroyed my very first and brand new racing bike.

I still love night riding, but now I make visibility a bit of a fetish.


At 8:04 AM, Blogger Flow said...

I have 2 LEDs up front (plus a back light), more to be seen, rather than to see. I ride home on the Lachine canal every night and there are some parts where there is no lighting, you come up on people riding the opposite direction very quickly, sometimes riding 2 abreast, I curse under my breath at them. Lights for night riding should be a major priority.


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