Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ste-Martine to Franklin apple ride

Space-based realism in the route visualization dept. The Chateauguay valley is south-west of Montreal.

The map view adds some useful destination information. (click here to see this map on Bikely)

You can see Covey Hill from Montreal, and you can see Montreal from Covey Hill.

Best apple season in 15 years, tasty too.

Blairs: pea soup, muffin, and two jars of jams to go, please.

Locals call this area "The Rock." It is bedrock that's been scraped clean by the last glacier, a mere 10,000 years ago.

Passing the pines, reading the signs.

Today's ride was as close to perfect as we could hope for. Saturday sunshine, late summer perfection, great roads, good food opportunities both in and outdoor, and riding across The Rock, my favorite southern quebec geologic marvel.

We rode Ste-Martine (arena parking), starting the ride along their bike path, then roads to Howick, and up and up to Franklin for a snack stop at a tree or two and Blairs. Then we rode back on most of the same route, because it's that good.


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