Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mystery of the missing Bixi stations

Where have the Bixi stations gone?

Last week they were on the online Bixi map, and this week they are gone.

The stations are still on our favorites list, along with the real-time bike/parking availability information.

So where have the stations gone?

We investigated.

The station in question, at Hutchinson and Fairmount, seems to have changed locations to a different corner of the intersection. We don't think this requires the online Bixi map to disappear the station, but the Bixi system disappeared it anyway.

So this continues our amazement at the way computer systems work, and specifically don't work. Which in this case, is how it seems to work.

Update: They're back.

Next question is why the Bixi online map doesn't show our favorite stations when we select the full-screen map.


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