Friday, April 07, 2006

8 Great landmarks ride

Went after work riding, decided to see some landmarks, here's the highlights

Went to Pont Jacques Cartier Bridge (PJC), went up far side for a change, discovered I was riding with no tools pump or spare tube, so decided to not go all the way to Longueuil! View is equally good from this side of bridge.

Explored the access to PJC, from any direction it is completely unmarked! This same situation exists on south shore end. I am writing a complete guide to biking the PJC, but hey, can someone please get the powers that be to CONNECT PJC to Rachel and Rene Levesque bike path, and the same thing on the south shore, adding links to Tiffen and Lafayette street.


People must get so lost, I can't believe this "premier part of the route verte" is so unidentified at either end. This is a complete failure on city administration and Velo Quebec's part. Yes. COMPLETE FAILURE.

Happily, you can figure it our for yourself, but you should not need an advanced geography degree to locate the crucial links to and from the bridge to bike paths.

Next I visited the
Old port,
Bonsecours Basin & promenade
Jacques Cartier Square (with Nelson's column at the top)
The ancient old city wall behind city hall (champ de mars)
The square at the Montreal city history museum
Victoria square
Place Ville marie Plaza (check out the hideous eyesore of a building just built on west side)
McGill campus
Ashes of James McGill
New sidewalk beside redpath museum
massive new landscaping and buildings opposite old Physics building
University street past Royal Vic

And then to end I did a ride up Camellien Houde from Mt ROyal, noticing that the paved shoulder, so popular with cycling supermen (and me too) needs sweeping to remove the winter dirst and crap which are covring it and forcing bikes to ride inthe actual roadway.

I am going to sweep it right now.

In fact I wish someone would adopt this road and keep it clean year round. Please?

Another sweeping project is the St-Urbain underpass, which needs much better signage also.

Get out and ride!


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