Friday, April 07, 2006

Four Montreal Mountain Bike Parks

Montreal has a need for off road bicycling in a controlled setting. Currently there are no off road trails in Montreal. Any and all off road bicycle riding that is done in Montreal is illegal riding.

Off road bicycle riding should not be illegal.

It should not be a crime to ride a bike on a trail.

It should be fun.

Montreal needs off road trails for bikes. There are over one million people who own mountain bikes living in Montreal. They have no place to try trail riding. They have no place to learn about proper skills for off road riding. They have no place to learn about ethical aspects of off road riding (don't skid, don't ride wet trails, don't ride private property without permission).

A Modest Proposal

I have identified 4 sites that are unused and can be converted to bike trail parks.

1) Escarpment between NDG and Tachereau (ex) railyards
2) Northeast corner of Pine-Parc interchange, (new traffic intersection has created a very large "traffic island" which is now good for nothing at all)
3) Delormier & northwest corner of Pont Jacques Cartier
4) Underneath and beside the ville Marie Expressway

What is an off road bicycle park? It's a mountain bike park! It serves two purposes. First, to provide a place where people can ride bikes in a trail setting. This means properly built trail, with lots of little hills and bumps, and proper drainage. Second, it must be a place where people learn the rules for off road bicycle rules.

There are some benefits to building parks with off road bike trails. There may be less illegal riding. ANother opportunity for exercise means heathier citizens of Montreal. Quality of life: This is another fun thing to do in Montreal.

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