Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Great off-island Bike Ride

I took a bike ride in the Chateauguay Valley, a short trip from the Mercier Bridge.

Go TO Ormstown Quebec. Ride west along the Chateauguay River (route 138A) to Dewittville. Cross the river, turn right, and in a hundred metres turn left (south) towards Rockburn.

Ride along scenic countryside, changing from fields to forest and wetlands to higher elevation with apple trees at Rockburn, continue south until road ends at T-intersection. This is the most southern road in Quebec! You are 1 mile from USA. Stay in Canada and travel along this road to Franklin Centre, where you will continue to St-Antoine Abbé. Here turn south at the church, cross the highway (Olco station?) and continue to the T-intersection, turn right, ad follow this road (it turn left in a few miles) and goes past "the Rock" which is bedrock scraped clean from the last ice age! Continue until this road reaches the 138 where you wil go right and cross bridge at allans corners in about a half mile. (alternatively, turn right at St-Pierre and go to Howick, where you will cross the 138 at Georgetown church and take closed bridge beside the church to the road across river where you will turn left and go to back Ormstown)

Once you are across the chateauguay river, turn left and continue back to Ormstown through open fields.

Have a great ride!


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