Friday, April 07, 2006

Needed: A Bike Bridge

Montreal is an island. It needs bridges to the north and south shores of the Saint Laurence River.

But what if we need a bridge to get to the sidewalk on the bridge?

This is the problem cyclists are faced with when they try to access the Pont Jacquest Cartier Bridge from the Plateau or anywhere north/west of Ontario street.

The usual access to The Pont Jacques Cartier is via Champlin street, turning at rue Lafontaine. It is impossible to get across Papineau north that is the main bridge artery for outbound traffic. THe walk signal in the street light permits a walk signal every 4 minutes, a very slow time, and a long wait for cyclists.

I propose an archictecturally interesting bridge over Papineau from Lafontaine street. Is the city listening? Is Velo Quebec listening? Is anyone listening.

Join the campaign to make the Pont Jacques more accessible for cyclists.

Email to support this plan.


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