Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reducing bicycle accident injuries

The British Medical Association has stated the following:

Action to reduce the high rate of fatal and serious accidents suffered by cyclists must include:
  • the creation of a safer cycling environment
  • reductions in vehicle speeds and traffic volume in urban areas
  • the provision of cycling training for all children
  • recognising road safety, including cycling proficiency education, as part of the curriculum for all school children. This should include basic cycle maintenance, and safety precautions (such as lights, reflective clothing), information on the health benefits of cycling, as well as encouraging cycle helmet use.
  • Information on current cycle helmet standards and the level of protection they provide should be more easily accessible to consumers.
  • Advertising Standards officials should ensure that the public are protected against misleading safety claims from manufacturers.
  • Cycle manufacturers and retailers should consider supplying a free cycle helmet (or helmet voucher) with every bike sold.
  • Reducing helmet costs substantially, such as through Government subsidy schemes.
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