Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rode Home - Over The Mountain

I figured that I needed more exercise than I was getting from taking my regular flat, quiet, safe and direct route home.

So I rode over Mount Royal.

Half of the mountain was great, the parc Mont Royal part. From the west it is a long climb up to the notch on top, and the direct route down cam houde to the east side of Mt Royal.

Unfortunately I have to ride up Cote des Neiges from Jean Talon to get to Parc Mont Royal.

Cote des Neiges gets my "Worst Street in Montreal" Award.

So I have to find some alternatives route parallel to Cote des Neiges. Piece of cake, problem solved.

Riding through Parc Mont Royal I came upon a couple riding side-by-side and they were defiantly blocking the right lane for vehicular traffic.

Since Mount Royal is supposed to be a park, and not an autoroute, would it be too much to ask if the city turned the right lane of each direction into a bicycle path?

Riding on the road is frankly dangerous in this town, and a park is a park, and this park is supposed to be the jewel of Montreal. It's time to slow down the speed and car-first priority of the pseudo-autoroute that slices through the middle of the park.

Did you know that the Camelien Houde used to be streetcar only-- there was no road! At the top in the present-day canyon, the canyon used to be a tunnel. I kid you not.


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