Thursday, June 07, 2007

Around Jay Peak from Sutton Quebec

I'm looking forward to a 80 Kilometre ride around Jay Peak Vermont from Sutton Quebec later this month. I did it last year and a few times previously.

It's one of the best rides in southern Quebec and eastern Canada, even though it's 2/3 in the states. Cycling hills is fun, and it doesn't get more scenic than this.

I've been surfing for info, and found this report with good descriptions of Jay's climbs on This report is for a 100 mile northern Vermont ride from Stowe up and around Jay, and he does all three of the Jay Peak passes.

Here's a quote:

... Comparing the Jay Peak 186k with 6-gaps, the Jay ride offers far more scenery… The Jay ride on the other hand, lies mostly in agricultural and private land. Much more of the land is cleared, especially at some of the higher elevations. There are many large mountain peaks in the area too, giving more of a sense of riding in the mountains. (Link)
(Note: the Jay Peak part of his ride starts in the section titled “Jay Peak North – 1643ft”)

Here's my ride report of last year (link) (it's at the bottom)


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