Friday, June 08, 2007

Rebuilding Old Blue

My original (and now ancient) mountain bike, Old Blue, a first generation Specialized Rockhopper, was my principle city bike for more than a decade. Then I made the mistake of leaving it outside for the winter (an act for which it still hasn't forgiven me). I didn't ride it since!

That was two winters ago, andI have since changed the bottom bracket and headset, I just checked the front wheel, it's fine, so I need to verify the rear wheel, check all the cables, and maybe get a new chain. Then it will be finally be ready for riding. It permits me to do something that the bike I am using this year for city riding, Rusty, doesn't: hammering!

I miss hammering.

What's the point of hammering? It’s fun it works out the day’s frustrations, and it increases maximum fitness. I've been getting steadily improved fitness, but my maximum output still sucks.

Hopefully Old Blue will be ready to ride after this weekend, and I can again pound the crap out of it, and get cardiovascular benefit as well as improving my mental health.

Anyway Rusty is supposed to be my rain bike only, and a backup bike for bikeless guests.

For the record, Old Blue has exactly one original part: the seatpost.

I turned it into a fast urban stealth bike with the addition of a couple of very fancy wheels, and it is amazing how quick it is, despite the antique geometry and frame materials. As I often say, it's the rider, not the bike...

Blue looks old and slow, but I've smoked more than my share of carbon-fibre endowed wunderkids with it.

Go Blue!


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