Monday, July 09, 2007

Excellent Bicycle History Exhibition at Trois Rivieres Musée de Culture Populaire

There is an excellent exhibition of bicycle history and culture in Trois Rivieres (Three Rivers)
Here is a bit of my blog entry from my visit there.
I visited the excellent Accro Velo exhibition (francais) at the Musee des culture populaire in Trois Rivieres. It's an excellent history of cycling exhibition with 20-30 very historic bicycles, a least a dozen from before 1900! These bicycles are from the collection of the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. See the separate blog entry for this exhibit. See this link for some google videos I took of the exhibition.
My digicam videos on Google Videos:
  • Bicycle history part 1 (link)
  • Bicycle history part 2 (link)
  • Video of a highly dangerous looking ice-unicycle (link)
  • All my google videos (link)

This is an truly excellent exhibit with at least 30 very historic bikes from Canada's National Museum of Science and Technology. And tons of other stuff too.

It's located at the edge of historic "old" Trois Rivieres along the water. It's actually quite a nice place to visit.

Trois Rivieres is less than 90 car-driving minutes from Montreal. There is good cycling there: both as a destination and on both sides of the St- Laurence river in between.


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