Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finished the home repairs, time to ride

I finished some home repairs and bike repairs and now I have time to ride.

The weather forecast: thunderstorm warning.


The Bert is still making grunchy noises on the uphills even after a bottom bracket rebuild. Not good. Not good at all.

Destination today will be near'n'close: the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MDBA) and the free exhibition titled:

American Streamlined Design:

The World of Tomorrow

Here is the link tot he MMFA website and here's some of the show info:
The exhibition American Streamlined Design: The World of Tomorrow will examine the impact of the streamlined style on many areas of American life. In the 1930s and 1940s, streamlining came to represent modernity, progress, efficiency, cleanliness and glamour. Streamlined consumer goods ranging from the household vacuum cleaner to the family radio were manufactured with the latest industrial materials: aluminum, chromium-plated metal and plastics. The exhibition offers a fresh appraisal of the achievements of the style’s best-known exponents – among them Walter Dorwin Teague, Normand Bel Geddes, Henry Dreyfuss and Raymond Loewy – and places them beside the contributions of lesser-known but significant designers. On view will be 185 works used in the commercial world, the domestic sphere and sports and leisure. A final section will illustrate how streamlined design lives on today in motorcycles, bicycle gear and furniture.
Hmmm. I wonder what they mean by "Bicycle gear?" Sounds like an investigation is in order. I'm on my way!

This exhibition will tour through North America after it's Montreal run.

The bad news: the accompanying catalog is $105!


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