Monday, November 05, 2007

gentle bike path ride

Not all of Cycle Fun Montreal's rides are two wheels!

Bike path ends... will it ever continue?

Corn fields, Covey Hill, Lyon Mountain in New York

Sometimes a fast rider and a slow rider try to ride together. After five minutes, the slow rider is ten minutes behind. I'm sure Einstein can explain this strange distortion of time, but after a few experiences, I decided to take action.

If two wheels are good, maybe one wheel is good too?

It turns out that my slow partner can ride faster than I can unicycle, but not by much!

The ride: Ste-Martine bike path. The attraction: Short distance (12 km round trip from Ste-Martine to route 203 & old train bridge). Good views of fields, Covey Hill, and Lyon Mountain USA in distance. Visiting the dam on the Chateauguay river from behind Restaurant Gregoire. There is another bike path going from Ste-Martine to Beauharnois.

In other Chateauguay valley news, a new segregated bike path is being built from Chateauguay to Mercier along Rt 138. From Mercier to Ste-Martine, I recommend that you follow the road along the Chateauguay river.

The location of the Ste-Martine bike path is about 100 metres south of (and parallel to) the Rt 138 as it passes through Ste-Martine. It ends at the Rt 203 which is the first howick turnoff on the 138 (heading east).

Park at the arena. The bike path is right there.

This east-west bike path it seems to be about 6 km long.

There is a north-south bike path between Ste-Martine and Beauharnois, flat, that is connected to the Ste-Martine bike path. It passes through Ste-Martine at the old bridge at the old bridge at Hotel Jeanneau / Restaurant Gregoire. I remember when there were train tracks here!


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Hi - great blog, I enjoy reading it very much.
Question - where is that Ste-Martine bike path?

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ste-Martine bike path?


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