Thursday, November 15, 2007

November Rain

Riding home in the rain

Well, I read the weather forecast, I read it again, and I read that it would rain in the afternoon.

But did I ride to work on Rusty, my rain bike with fenders?

Nosiree not me! I rode Old Blue, the urban-optimized old mountain bike, without fenders.

So I got wet. And dirty. And wet and dirty some more!

At least I wasn't cold, and there was a tail wind going home, so it wasn't all bad news, well until I got home and had to take off all the soaking wet clothing and wash everything, because everything was nasty!

I saw something new on the way home, some guy had those reflective ankle tapes,/pant clips on his bicep area, and they were flashing. Yes, apparently you can get these velcro reflective straps with built-in lights. Very cool, and anything that increases the cyclist visibility on the dark streets is a good thing.


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