Monday, December 10, 2007

A couple more Charlevoix, Quebec maps up on Bikely

Everyone is thinking about the almost-here New Year's vacation, but I know that cyclists are waiting for next summer's holidays when the weather is hot and there's absolutely no snow anywhere.

Destination: Charlevoix. Where the mountains meet the sea.

I made a couple more Charlevoix bike ride maps on Bikely. Mainly to get those amazing Bikely ride-elevation-profile graphs. These are rides with multiple 1000 ft climbs. Which is a good thing!

2007 Grand Prix de Charlevoix bike race

The first was the route of the 2007 Grand Prix de Charlevoix bike race, which does a great loop of the region through the collossal Charlevoix asteroid crater, and is everything you could possibly want in a bicycle ride. Climbs, descents, some seaside beach, quiet forest roads, and only 3 towns, lots of countryside.

This was a top-5 favorite ride of all the great rides I did last summer. I didn't do the race, just the circuit of the race, which I found on the internet at the cycling club race organizers: Club Cycliste de Charlevoix. In 2008 that link should get you to the current year's ride info.

Elevation profile of 2007 Grand Prix de Charlevoix circuit

Baie-Saint-Paul to St-Joseph-de-la-rive

The second map is of the road from Baie-Saint-Paul to St-Joseph-de-la-rive and back. From sea level at Baie-St-Paul you climb up Cap-aux-Corbeau to the top of the ridge along the coast, until the highest point, then zoom down to Les Eboulements and then express downhill (use the brakes!) at the 18% hill descent to St-Joseph-de-la-rive. Then it is back up the hill via the fearsome 20% Cote de Misere, (or you can bail - to the "easier" 18% hill you descended!) returning back to Baie-Saint-Paul when you get to the top of the hill. A simple route, and simply extraordinary.

A short ride, but with 1 km of climbing!

You will not find a better place in the east for the quantity and quality of big climbs!

Several of these hills are in the recent Velo Mag article on Charlevoix Climbs.

And did I mention that the area was formed by a 2 km asteroid hitting the earth many millions of years ago? I trust statistics enough to blindly hope that the chance of two asteroids hitting the same point on the earth is extremely remote, so this means that this area is safe from another asteroid hit, so that's one less thing to go wrong when out on a ride!

Here's a link to all my bikely bike ride maps.


At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What gearing did you use when in Charlevoix? I am using a "Normal" crankset with a 12-23 cassette.


B Langton,

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

39/53 and 11-28 like always.


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