Thursday, January 31, 2008

dreaming about... paved road shoulders

OK, I should get out more, but I was thinking about one of my favorite places to ride: the upper Chateauguay Valley. At 50-75 km from Montreal they are close, rural, and great places for all styles, distances, and effort levels of different cyclists.

Ste-Martine, Ormstown, Huntingdon, Alans Corners, Georgetown/Howick, Powerscourt, Dewittville, Athelstan with Trout River, Ste-Anicet, Aubrey, St-Antoine-Abbé, Rockburn, Franklin Centre. Some of these are along the Chateauguay River axis, some are along the Covey Hill/US Border axis, and a couple are in between the two. All are great bicycle rides. I have several blogs on some great rides to do in the Chateauguay Valley. (links) There is even a really old covered bridge.

Great rides... but some paved shoulders are needed. It would be nice to have wide paved shoulders on all numbered highways, but we don't. Let's start with a few little sections that see a lot of cycling traffic, and urgently need paved shoulders.
  • Rt 138 between Alan's corners and Brysonville side road (approx 1 km)
  • Rt 201 St-Antoine-Abbé to Ormstown
  • Rt 202 Frankline Centre to Rockburn
  • Rt 209 Franklin Centre to St-Antoine Abbé
  • Covey Hill Road between Rt 219 to Rt 209
  • Or at least some "Danger Cyclists!" signs
Let's get to work!


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