Sunday, March 23, 2008

2008 Bike season has started!

Cruising along Ste-Catherine street

All bike paths officially open (i.e. get cleaned) on April 1

The recent thaw cleaned off the roads and cycling conditions are, finally, realistic for non-Yeti types to get their bikes on the road.

We did a tour around and over Mont Royal, the over part was westmount summit via Oratoire St-Joseph Oratory, the lookout and then descent on Cote des Neiges, a killer descent with bike-crusher pavement quality. The around part was the south side through downtown on Ste-Catherine and Berri (hill) north and Roy to St-Laurent to get north and back home.

Reseau Blanc winter bike paths

The fact that a few bike paths were kept cleaned and salted during the winter means that these paths are now ready now for rides. There's still a bit of ice but these paths are not in the usual looks-abandoned-post-winter state of previous years.

Snow bank... and bike


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