Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lanaudiere hill intro 101

Humans? Or superhumans?

Fast climbers disappearing up the 16% climb

About to descend road in background to St-Emilie

Passed by a pack starting 16% climb on Ste-Emilie's chemin Feuille d'Erables

Rest break after that climb, at riviere Blanche

High valley and good road on chemin de Belle Montagne

View from road of Parc regional des dalles - riviere Assomption

67.5 kilometres is not a very large distance.

But the recipe for this ride includes some quality ingredients.

A dozen hills adds spice and flavour.

Multiple 13, 14, and 16% climbs add heat.

The forest, hills, farms and mountain scenery adds colour.

Descents are the yum-yum-good dessert.

This was a guided ride for someone who wanted a hill-riding 101 course.

The ride delivers 100% of recommended daily allowance of hills, hills and more hills.

The satellite map of this Lanaudiere "hills-riding 101" ride is posted to

As always, we parked at tourist-info/musée Louis Cyr at St-Jean de Matha, and did sort of a clover-leaf shaped ride, to the east, to the north, and to the west.

Very last climb of the day to Church in St-Jean de Matha, and the last road ride ever on that crap hybrid bike of Jim's, because he is joining the modern world and a Specialized Roubaix is supposed to be purchased THIS WEEK!!!!


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