Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mont Royal "ceinture" trail

Le projet de chemin de ceinture du mont Royal

New "Ceinture" (belt) trail planned for Mt Royal park

Mont Royal has a great car road (Camilien Houde), and it has a great horse-buggy road (Olmstead road).

Now it will get a great bike road too, the Gazette reports:

Bike route planned for mountain

City's consultation board wants to hear from public about project

Julia Patrick

Montreal's public consultation board is seeking the public's input about a proposed 10-kilometre bicycle and pedestrian route that would cross part of Mount Royal, pass through the Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery and along part of the Université de Montréal campus.

The plan also calls for a path linking the north and south sides of the mountain.

"The project is designed by planners and landscapers but it's also important to have input from the people who use the park," said Luc Doray of the consultation board. It's seeking opinions on the route, safety issues and such features as lighting.

"Automobile access to the mountain has been given priority over the years, so a project that will give priority to the cyclists and pedestrians is encouraging," said Gabrielle Korn, spokesperson for Les amis de la montagne.

The public consultations will be held June 7 at 2 p.m. at the Outremont borough office, 543 Côte Ste. Catherine Rd., and June 8 at 2 p.m. at the parish hall of the Notre Dame des Neiges Church, 5320 Côte des Neiges Rd. The presentations will be in French but English questions about the project are welcome.

To view the full proposal, visit Go here how and check this out, a very interesting and very positive development for Montreal cycling.

You might want to note note that this is a multi-use trail.


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